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About Dyglomera®

Research links stubborn weight gain and obesity to a combination of factors: genes that favor the storage of excess body fat, unhealthy diets and increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Together they can throw metabolisms out of balance and create barriers to weight loss and serious health risks.


Dyglomera® is a patented natural extract of African spice fruit (Dichrostachys glomerate) that clinical research shows can restore metabolic balance to support healthy weight loss and cardiovascular health. This product is marketed as DygloFit® in some international markets. 


Recommended adult daily serving: 300-400mgs. Suitable for a broad range of food, beverage and supplement product formats and applications.

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Restores Metabolic Balance and
Supports Healthy Body Weight

How Dyglomera Works

Dyglomera works through complementary mechanisms to support metabolic wellness and healthy body weight and composition. 


  • Restores sensitivity to leptin and adiponectin, hormones that regulate satiety and appetite.

  • Increases insulin sensitivity to help the body convert sugar into energy instead of storing it as fat.

  • Fights free radicals to reduce oxidative stress and maintain cellular health, as well as inhibit LDL oxidation.

  • Maintains healthy cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Clinical Research

Seven peer-reviewed studies, including four clinical trials involving ~550 subjects and published safety & tox data, support the safety and efficacy of Dyglomera.  In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, 297 obese men and women (BMI 30-40) consumed 200mgs of Dyglomera or a placebo twice daily for eight weeks. 


Measurements of 16 parameters, including biochemical, body weight and composition, were taken at baseline and after four and eight weeks of supplementation. The Dyglomera group showed statistically significant improvements by all measures at every point in the study. After eight weeks, the Dyglomera group:


  • Lost an average of 24.5 lbs.*

  • Reduced body fat an average of 10.7 lbs.*

  • Trimmed waist and hip circumferences 10.2% and 7.1%, respectively.*


The body weight and composition changes coincided with improvements in key biochemical parameters (blood glucose, triglycerides, insulin, adiponectin, C-reactive protein and cholesterol) and improved blood pressure.* These results and other studies support the ability of Dyglomera to restore to healthy levels multiple biological responses that govern metabolic wellness and weight management.

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Source: Functional Foods in Health and Disease. 2013.

Compelling Structure/Function Claims*

  • Supports healthy body weight & composition

  • Restores metabolic balance and wellness

  • Increases satiety/appetite control

  • Supports cardiovascular health

  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol & blood sugar/pressure levels


Clinical Studies

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Preclinical/Safety-Tox Studies

Toxicologic Evaluation of Dichrostachys glomerata Extract: Subchronic Study in Rats and Genotoxicity Tests. Food and Chemical Toxicology. 2014.

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*This website is intended to provide scientific and educational information only. These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration nor any other regulatory agency in any country. Manufacturers should consult with their legal counsel to confirm the appropriateness of claim language in their respective region.

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