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Clinically Proven Solutions

  • Weight Management

  • Metabolic Wellness

  • Restorative Sleep

  • Cardiovascular Health 

All-natural ingredients for manufacturers of
foods, beverages & supplements

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Gateway Health Alliances

We are dedicated to the discovery and development of natural, science-based ingredients that can help people enjoy healthier lives. Our branded, patented ingredients offer opportunities to formulate unique functional foods, beverages and supplements with multiple product benefits. All ingredients are sourced and manufactured in accordance with the highest standards for quality and sustainability. Let us know how we can help make your next product a success.


Ingredient Solutions

Natural Solutions for Global Health Concerns

Excessive body weight and obesity are significant global health problems. According to the World Health Organization, nearly two billion people, including two-thirds of American adults, are overweight. 


Obesity is linked to numerous health conditions and can undermine metabolic wellness. Various studies indicate a link between obesity and sleep deprivation. The World Sleep Society estimates that nearly half (45%) of the world's population experiences sleep problems, including insufficient sleep and poor sleep quality. 

These health challenges often stem from a complex combination of poor diet, physical inactivity and genetic factors impair the body's innate mechanisms for regulating appetite, blood sugar, body weight, and sleep.

Gateway Health Alliances has developed natural, clinically proven ingredients that promote weight loss, metabolic wellness, restorative sleep, and cardiovascular health. Our patented ingredients work through distinct and complementary mechanisms, including:


  • Modulating satiety, appetite, and metabolism

  • Blocking fat digestion

  • Inhibiting the formation of fat cells

  • Reducing oxidative stress

  • Boosting emotional well-being


Dichrostachys Glomerata Extract

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Cissus Quadrangularis

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Dichrostachys Glomerata Extract

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Irvingia Gabonensis

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A Multifunctional Ingredient Complex

Research & Discovery

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At Gateway Health Alliances, we believe that strong science can identify and validate new, natural food, beverage and supplement ingredients for happier and healthier lives. Our discoveries have led to more than 25 patents and patents pending for unique ingredient solutions that can help people achieve their body weight management goals and improve their metabolic wellness and cardiovascular health.


Our collaborations with leading research centers and universities provide the foundation for our ingredients, all of which are backed by peer-reviewed mechanistic studies, safety and toxicology research and human clinical trials.  


Our Address:

Gateway Health Alliances, Inc.

4769 Mangels Blvd

Fairfield, CA 94534

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